Curtains or No Curtains? Choosing The Best Option

Curtains don’t usually get the credit they deserve. People compliment the ravishing sofa lounge or the chic coffee table but curtains remain the underrated piece. But that is not to say they don’t lend any personality to their host space. 

Every home is unique in its interior design needs and therefore, there are no fixed rules for decorating it. So, the question remains, curtains or no curtains? 

It depends upon your preferences on how to style your home. We’d recommend curtains and drapes as they always add more to the mix than they take away.  

In this article, you’ll find answers to:

  • Are window treatments a requirement?
  • Do all windows (in the home) need curtains?
    • Do you have to put curtains on all windows in a room?
  • Is it okay to have living rooms windows without curtains?

Are window treatments a requirement?

Window treatments are not a requirement in every house. But they can be an asset if done right. 

Window treatments do require a fair bit of love and care from you. Be it curtains, blinds, or roman shades, they need regular cleaning and could be a major source of dust or allergens if not maintained properly. Having said that, their benefits far outweigh their downsides. 

They not only add to the overall decor and aesthetic of the house, but they also come with various functional advantages. 

  • Blinds or curtains help you achieve a degree of privacy that should always be at hand. In rooms like your bedroom, living room, or dining room, especially the ones that are on the ground level, it’s always a good idea to have window treatments in place. 
  • Window treatments give you control over the amount of UV rays entering your home. As a result, your flooring and furniture are protected from damage caused by long-term exposure to the sun. 

Apart from the functional benefits, they bring so much to the table in terms of enhancing the overall charm of your home. Along with other statement pieces in the same space, curtains can pump a lot of personality into your home. 

Window treatments also come to the rescue when your windows are not in their best shape. They do a brilliant job in covering up window spaces exhibiting scratches, broken corners, chipped frames, or other flaws. 

So, in summary, you can choose to go without window treatments but they certainly won’t be a hindrance if you add them either. 

Do all windows need curtains?

The need and placement of curtains in any room really depend upon how your home is structured. Adding curtains to every window in your home could be a tad bit unnecessary. It should be a mix of need and want and they both should balance each other out. 

You might want to add curtains to the window sides that bring an excessive amount of heat or light. In rooms where you want to preserve the temperature of the space, or in other words, keep insulated from the outer environment, curtains could be a welcome addition. 

There could be certain windows that open to a lovely view, a garden, or the driveway. In those cases where you don’t want to completely shut the view, sheer curtains could be a lovely trade-off. 

Do you have to put curtains on all windows in a room?

Curtains on all windows should be a personal preference. If you want to create a dark room for sleeping purposes, hanging blackout curtains on all windows in the room would do the job. 

If you don’t have any such requirements, the window treatment should be an aesthetically driven decision. Drapery could be strategically placed to let enough light in, to match the decor of the room, and to maintain privacy. 

Is it okay to have living rooms windows without curtains?

The same factors such as your need for privacy, natural light, and your desire to glitz up the home should govern your decision to have curtains in your living room. 

For the purposes of privacy and extending the longevity of the interior home features and furniture, putting curtains sounds like a better idea than not having them.

Curtains also add a lot of panache to your room decor which sets the mood for the entire home. It’s also the first thing your guests discover when they step in. Based on your comfort and style, you should either mount curtains in the living room or not. 

Curtains or No Curtains – Final Takeaway

In the end, it all comes down to what features you desire in your home. If you want to create a light, airy living space, then you should tone down on using curtains for every window.

If you like the option of making the interior dark, want to be energy-efficient, and wouldn’t mind privacy, then putting up curtains would definitely help you achieve that. In terms of decor, your house is your canvas.

You should unleash your creative side when it comes to choosing window treatments too.

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